Are You Ready to Energize Your Career and Excited About The Possibilities of Working As An Expat?

Message To Engineers, Architect & Construction Industry Professionals

My name is Moe Vara and I am pleased to bring you a unique opportunity to receive the “Go Global” Career Telesummit Collection.

If you want to:

  • Work on large scale signature projects and leave your mark;
  • See the world and experience different cultures;
  • Help improve the living conditions of the community served by your project;
  • Demand a much higher salary;
  • Go up your career ladder faster; or
  • Be gainfully employed,

Then the “Go Global” Career Telesummit Collection is for you.

The aim of this telesummit was to provide the training needed for you to:

  • Land the Expat job You Want
  • Create Your Career Roadmap

For this telesummit we brought together a fantastic global team of experts. We had speakers from the USA, Canada, Chile, Italy, South Africa, UK and UAE.

The team of experts included global recruiters, engineers, an architect and environmental expert, resume writing and LinkedIn experts as well as coaches and consultants specializing in career development.

“Go Global” Career Telesummit Collection: this incredible collection of recording is offered at an unbelievable price: Regularly $297 Now just $97 when you pay to gain access today!


Here are the details of the Telesummit sessions:

Part 1 – Setting Your Vision!

  • Play Big, Go Global, and Land the Job of Your Dreams!– by Moe Vara
    • In this session Moe provided an overview of all the telesummit sessions
  • Is an international career for you? – by Dr. Cat Shrier
    • In this session Cat reviewed 5 ways EACs can explore whether an international career is right for them.
  • Going “Glocal:” Global Careers, Local Jobs – by Mohamed Ly
    • This session was designed by Mohamed to provide an overview to building a powerful brand, injecting strategy and structure into your international job search while leveraging critical market insights.

Part 2 – Getting Prepared!

  • THE Job Specifications for you as an “Expat” – by Moe Vara
    • This session is designed by Moe to assist you in developing a comprehensive specification for the job you really want.
  • Customize Your CV and LinkedIn Profile – by Michelle Riklan
    • This session covers topics on How to develop a powerful resume that will stand out and command the attention of hiring managers and recruiters and will cover strategies to create a powerful LinkedIn Profile so you can find and be found by opportunity
  • LinkedIn Strategies for Landing an International Job – by Shanna Landolt
    • This session covers how to master LinkedIn and have your LinkedIn Profile be a match for your personal brand, Learn the most common profile mistakes and how to fix them, Find out how to be within 2-degrees of everyone in the Industry and Use your LinkedIn profile to attract Talent for your team.

Part 3 – Finding Your Career Paths!

  • How Recruiters Can Help You Land Your Expat Job – by Karen Silk
    • Karen will share the role of recruiters, headhunters, and placement agencies, and how EACs can use these services to create their global career.
  • Global Mobility Within a Multinational Company – by a Golder panel including Dr. George Annandale, Roberto Mezzalama and Ginger Kryzanowski
    • The Golder panel will present the way this multinational company, this consulting, design and construction services firm provides opportunities for engineers and other employees to work on projects across the globe – including opportunities to transfer among offices.
  • How You Can Network Your Way to Your Expat Job – by Blaine Leonard
    • In this session we will hear about how EACs can find their next overseas job through networking and in particular by networking with the connections available through membership in a professional organization.

Part 4 – Preparing for Leadership!

  • Q&A Session – by Moe Vara
    • In this session all questions raised by participants are answered.
  • Becoming a World Class Communicator – by Sally Bendersky
    • This session is an interesting session on verbal and non verbal communication, body postures and much more. It also focuses on active listening.
  • Culture and Leadership for Expat EACs – by a Panel of Experts (Dr. Gerry Galloway, Dr. Ku McMahan & Donna McIntire)
    • This exciting panel brings together representatives from some of the leading US agencies involved in the application of EAC innovations overseas, who will discuss their programs and their roles as EACs working globally on these efforts.

Part 5 – Starting Your Global Career!

  • Master the Interview to Get Hired for Top Pay – by James Cunnane-Neilan
    • In this session James talks about how to properly prepare for an interview, creating a good impression and building rapport, proving your strengths and neutralising your weaknesses, taking back control- make the interview a two-way process, and successfully closing the interview
  • The Time to Start is NOW! – by Moe Vara and Dr. Cat Shrier
    • In this session Moe will discuss the ways they could continue to support EACs beyond the telesummit.

This collection of recordings is exactly what you need to Go Global with your career. The collection of recordings is convenient, relevant, and actionable.

“Go Global” Career Telesummit Collection: this incredible recording is offered at an unbelievable price: Regularly $297 Now just $97 when you pay to gain access today!


Plus, when you pay to gain access today, in addition to the telesummit collection itself, you’ll get fantastic bonuses from the speakers!

“Go Global” Career Telesummit Collection! When You Pay to gain access Today, Here’s What You Get:

  1. You’ll receive the recording of the 14 training sessions of this telesummit with our team of experts
  2. You’ll get a discount of $200 off just for taking action today! Plus, get:

Bonus #1:

“Play Big, Go Global” Career Planning Toolkit by Moe Vara

Bonus #2:

“Free Resource Guide – The 5 Ways to Explore Whether an International Career Is Right For You” by Dr. Cat Shrier

Bonus #3:

“Enter for a chance to Win One of 100 Free Copies of Going “Glocal”” By Mohamned Ly

Bonus #4:

“7 Powerful LinkedIn Strategies for Your Successful Job Search in Today’s Job Market” by Michelle Riklan

Bonus #5:

“The Top 5 Tools I use to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn” by Shanna Landolt

Bonus #6:

Complimentary World-Class Communicator Session with Sally Bendersky

These bonuses have the potential to transform lives!

It’s time you took the required action! It is time for you to Play Big, Go Global and land the expat job of your dreams.

Opportunities, advancement, and more money are waiting for you.

“Go Global” Career Telesummit Collection: this incredible recording is offered at an unbelievable price: Regularly $297 Now just $97 when you pay to gain access today!


Meet the lead organizer and producer of this telesummit

Moe Vara

Coach Moe Vara

My name is Moe Vara and I am a chartered Civil Engineer with 25 years of engineering experience.
In the past 25 years I have gone from a graduate civil engineer’s position to a Regional Director of an international engineering consultancy firm. For 19 out of 25 years of my work experience I have been an expat. I am also an International Engineering Career Coach and a qualified strategic interventionist. So, I am uniquely positioned to support you with strategic planning of your expat career.
As the owner of “” and the producer of the “Go Global” Career Telesummit, I pleased to bring to you a group of great experts who will address all aspects that will help you take your career GLOBAL.

Meet Moe’s co-organizer of this telesummit

Dr. Cat Shrier
M.S. Env. Sciences & Eng. & Ph.D. Civil Eng

Cat Shrier

My name is Dr. Cat Shrier and I am the President and Founder of the Water Citizen Network, and Conscious Summits.
My professional emphasis has focused on water technologies, policies, and programs. Since 1984, I have worked for state and federal water agencies, legislative offices, water research organizations, and environmental consulting practices throughout the US and Canada, and have led study tours in Europe and Asia. I am also the Publisher of Water Citizen News.
With regard to this 5 day event, I am pleased to be a co-organizer of this telesummit and work closely with Moe Vara to help engineers, architects and construction industry professional Go Global with their careers. Becoming an expat engineer allows you to have a much bigger positive impact on a wider community.

Meet the speakers of this telesummit

Coach Mohammed Ly
My name is Mohamed Ly and I am an International Career Strategist, Entrepreneurship Coach, Global HR and Diversity expert. I serve as the executive director of The Global Career Compass, a 21st century global leadership development and international career coaching firm. I am also the author of Going “Glocal”: Local Jobs, Global Careers—The Ultimate Career Guide for multilingual, multicultural and international executives, professionals and students, for success in the global job market and workplace.
I am also a public speaker on topics related to international employment and job search that serve to guide both employers and job-seekers.

Coach Michelle Riklan

My name is Michelle Riklan and I am the Co-founder of Five Star Career Services and Managing Director at Riklan Resources. I am a frequent media guest, professional resume writer, career coach, training/workshop facilitator, author, and speaker. With a combined 25 years of in-house corporate and targeted consulting experience, I service large corporations, small businesses, and individuals in all aspects of career management.
I am the Producer of the National Career Summit, a virtual online event that brought together some of the most-respected names in business, leadership, and career coaching. I am also the co-author / contributor to multiple published career books including “101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career” and “101 Great Ways to Compete in Today’s Job Market.

Shanna Landolt

My name is Shanna Landolt and I’m President of The Landolt Group, a Toronto-based executive search firm. I have 15 years of recruitment experience and have interviewed thousands of candidates and placed hundreds of people in 6-figure jobs. I’ve been featured in the news and on morning talk shows as an industry expert on job search and hiring on NBC, FOX and the Life Network. ABC and CBS have cited me as a LinkedIn Authority.

I’m a contributing author along with Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins to the book “101 Great Ways to Compete in Today’s Job Market”. I’m committed to people loving their lives and going to work each day doing something they are passionate about.


My name is Karen Silk and I am the joint owner and Managing Director of Capital International Staffing Ltd, a leading specialist engineering recruitment consultancy throughout the UK and Europe. We attract the brightest minds for engineering jobs – from graduates to senior management – and provide engineering recruitment services to the Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Electronics, Energy and Telecoms industries. I am marking my 30th anniversary with Capital with the “Create the World You Want” campaign – addressing the critical shortage of engineers facing the UK by attracting young people and especially women to a career in engineering.


My name is Dr. George Annandale – a humanitarian, engineer and author, born in South Africa – one of the most drought-stricken countries on earth. I have devoted my 40-year professional career to water resources engineering, with on every continent except Antarctica. The international recognition of my expertise in dam construction has led to high-level projects (e.g. for the World Bank) and authorship of my recent book Quenching the Thirst: Sustainable Water Resources and Climate Change. Leading Golder’s International Water Resources practice, I oversee global project teams, including engineers transferring among offices throughout this multinational company.


My name is Roberto Mezzalama, Sustainability Advisor and former Managing Director for Golder Europe. As an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment expert, I have worked on development of power, mining, transportation, manufacturing and oil and gas projects in Europe, North America and Africa – and the Olympics here in Turin, Italy! I developed my technical and managerial skills through my 15 years at Golder including nearly 2 years heading Calgary’s Environmental Assessments group. Intracompany transfers helped prepare me for leadership on creating solutions-oriented approaches to the environmental and social problems of our times for a sustainable future all over the world.


My name is Ginger Kryzanowski – as the daughter of an entrepreneur Chef with multiple restaurants, I began recruiting at 15, hiring 15-25 people a year. I brought my passion for recruiting to Golder when I joined in 2005 with a mandate to support Golder’s growth strategy in Alberta and the Prairies region. With 87 active and urgent positions open, I sourced candidates through effective strategies including Head Hunting, Referrals, Social Media, Boomerang Effect, Internal Leads, Search Firms and Passive Resume searches – and was responsible for 26% of all new hires in my first year. I continue to be a leader on Golder’s Global Talent Management team, and will discuss our Global Mobility strategies.

Coach Blaine

My name is Blaine Leonard, and I am civil engineer with more than 30 years in civil and geotechnical engineering, particularly working in transportation. As former President of the American Society of Civil Engineers – America’s oldest national engineering society representing more than 145,000 members worldwide – I met with engineers around the US and around the world with a focus on networking as a means for engineers to advance the profession and improve society’s infrastructure.

Coach Sally

My name is Sally Bendersky and I am the founder of SB Coaching which specializes in career, executive and leadership coaching.
Trained as a Chemical Engineer, Systems Analyst, Therapist, and a Coach, I have combined my skills to create a unique approach in my coaching and consulting practice of more than 20 years. I have also taken leading roles in the private (banking) and public (technology, diplomacy and higher education) sector.
I am the co-author of multiple books on Innovation, Engineering, and Education and the author of several coaching papers. I have received international and national (Chile) awards in innovation, engineering, and professional career.


My name is Dr. Gerry Galloway and I am a Professor of Engineering and an Affiliate Professor of Public Policy at the University of Maryland where my focus is on water resources policy, resilience, and disaster risk management. Over my more than 50 years in the water business, I have served in the Army Corps of Engineers, for an international commission, in the private sector and as a consultant to several international, federal, state and non-governmental agencies, I am currently or have recently been involved in water projects in the US, Europe, Asia and South America. In 2013 I co-authored with the WWF and the China Ministry of Water Resources a UNESCO book on Flood Risk Management.


My name is Dr. Ku McMahan and I am the “Securing Water for Food Team Lead” for the US Agency for International Development Office of Science and Technology. This program is part of USAID’s Grand Challenges for Development initiative, which focuses on removing critical barriers to development progress and facilitates innovative approaches, particularly those based in science and technology. My technical background, including a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering, has provided me with skills and knowledge, while my experiences in West Africa, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere have provided me with understanding of cultural and leadership roles of technical experts working on critical global issues.


My name is Donna McIntire and I serve as Chief of the Energy & Sustainable Design Unit for the Department of State, Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations. I lead a team of multi-disciplinary professionals within the Department who are responsible for greening US embassies and consulates around the world and compiling a greenhouse gas inventory for the Department’s ~18,000 building portfolio. I produced the Green Guide for Embassy and Consulate Operations which has proven to be an extremely valuable tool in furthering the Department’s platform for eco-diplomacy. As a LEED® Accredited Professional and Certified Carbon Reduction Manager with Bachelor of Science and Masters degrees in Architecture, I have been dedicated to integration of green building practices around the globe.

James Cunnane

My name is James Cunnane-Neilan am I am an overseas Recruitment Consultant. After graduating from the University of Bristol, UK, I worked for a number of leading recruitment consultancies recruiting for a wide range of technical roles primarily in the UK.

I am currently working for Ashton Consulting UK’s International Team as an overseas Recruitment Consultant. Based from Bristol my specialism falls within the international engineering market, particularly focused on the Middle East. The team I work in provide experienced ex-pat candidates for some of the most prestigious engineering and construction organisations in the World.

We have brought together a team of experts to deliver a program that is an absolute must for you if you are committed to Playing Big and Going Global.

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You will be extremely happy with the quality of what you learn, and at just $97, this is a superb value. In fairness, a money-back guarantee is not being offered because of the nature of this offer. Coaching and training once delivered, cannot be “undelivered” and therefore the product cannot be “returned”. We will be imparting expertise gleaned from many decades of combined experience, and we want clients who are motivated, eager, and who will move forward.

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